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Problems naming new user Bible


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When I import user Bible text, Accordance shows me a dialog window to give it a name. By default it suggests the same name as the source txt file is named, and that name is pre-selected, if I want to name it otherwise (screenshot 1). However, only the last two words are redundant, so I'd like to remove them. In order to do that, I press right-arrow key on the keyboard and cursor moves to the right end of the suggested Bible name (screenshot 2). I press Delete Backward button, Accordance deletes last character and… selects all text again (screenshot 3). If I'm not very cautious, by pressing Backward Delete key second time I delete whole name, instead of the second last character. Please fix this bug. (Screenshot 4 shows user Bible name as I want it.)





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Hello Guntis,


I think this is not a bug. Your name here is too long.

I suggest you take an abbrevation (for example LAT). See the names of the Bibles in Accordance.

You can use the full name later, after compilation is done (separate screen).



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But I managed to make it with a long name :)

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