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  2. Randy Corn

    User Notes and Apple Pencil

    That's supposed to be "peck" rather than "punt!"
  3. Randy Corn

    User Notes and Apple Pencil

    Guys, it would speed my note taking process if I could use my Apple pencil to simply jot down my note rather than doing the punt and peck on the keyboard. Thanks
  4. Today
  5. https://www.bombaxo.com/ezra-chart/ Version / Document Old Testament book of Ezra Old Testament book of Nehemiah Paraphrase of 2 Chronicles chs 35–36; a tale about Darius’ bodyguards; much of Ezra; Nehemiah 7.38-8.12, etc. The Ezra Apocalypse Greek Bible (Septuagint) 2 Esdras 1 Esdras Latin Vulgate Bible 1 Esdras 2 Esdras 3 Esdras 4 Esdras Many later Latin manuscripts 1 Esdras 3 Esdras
  6. Next Question: Are there more modules which don't work properly because of the same issue? Fabian
  7. Hello Next problem. Search verse in the Vulgate-T for 4Ezra. goes to 2Esdras This seems to be correct. In Research [Verse 2Esdras] Why now the Are missing? Fabian
  8. Hello If I run [Verse 4Ezra] when Züricher-Lem is open. I see: If I have the Vulgate-T open: If I have no Bible open: Why there is the Vulgate-T not always in the Research? Fabian
  9. Yesterday
  10. Joe Weaks

    Pericope list not updating in Parallel Tool

    This bug still hasn't been fixed, and it still bugs me. This broke like 10 years ago. Any chance it could get some attention?
  11. Brian W. Davidson

    sync with desktop

    Wow! When did they add this feature? Tell me how my wife can keep my modules in sync and I’ll train her right up!
  12. A. Smith

    sync with desktop

    I've abandoned dropbox. I've been syncing via wife. However, I had to reset my phone, and now the two will not see one another. I've ensured I'm logged into the same account on macOS and iOS. I've also made sure both are on the same network. No VPN. IDK what else to do. I want to sync with the desktop app so that my library organization syncs.
  13. R. Mansfield

    Sale! Zondervan Spring 🌱 Event

    This would be a question that only HarperCollins could answer.
  14. Michael J. Bolesta

    Hebrew Audio Bible - Adjust play rate

    Accordance programmers, please weigh in!
  15. Kitschlane

    Sale! Zondervan Spring 🌱 Event

    Interestingly, the base price of WBC/61 volumes has shot up $300.00 in around one-and-a-half years - From $1200.00 to $1500.00. Why? What am I missing here? See Link from Aug. 30, 2019: This Weekend Only: Word Biblical Commentary on… | Zondervan Academic Note that the additions and revisions to WBC occurred in 2015.
  16. ArnoldsBibleResource

    Placement of library icon

    To share: For my feeling (Accordance intuition / logic / ergonomics?) I find that, every time when wanting to select the library icon, I'm expecting it to be at the top left. 🙄
  17. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Android 9, fully updated Accordance Beta (current) v2.2.2b4 (13471) GNT28-T, recently updated. Good day, Issue A I updated modules, including NA28 Greek NT (GNT28-T), about a day or so ago. Every time on opening the updated GNT28-T, Accordance immediately crashed, exiting. I uninstalled GNT28-T, but just before doing so, while long-pressing, I noticed a message stating that GNT28-T requires a newer version of Accordance. Issue B I tried to reinstall GNT28-T, but Easy Install does not fi
  18. A. Smith

    Two hard to see areas in Dark Mode

    This has been discussed before, and I agree. The dark is too dark with too little contrast it becomes unusable. I disabled automatic switching. But then I found the menu bar switched anyway (due to the OS) and I could no longer read that. Bottom line, I'm not a fan of Accordance's implementation of dark mode. But, tbh, I'm not a fan of how logos did it either. On the other hand, Accordance's iOS dark mode is fantastic. IDK what goes into all of that, but the implementation in iOS is much better.
  19. samuel ramac

    Hebrew Audio Bible - Adjust play rate

    I just want to add my voice on this one too. Please
  20. curtisg1516

    Update to Wayne Grudem Systematic Theology

    Yea, count me in. It would be good to find out whether they plan on producing it, otherwise I would just buy it on kindle, but I don't want to buy it on kindle if they plan on upgrading the second edition for the Accordance library.
  21. Fabian

    Letter Spacing / Sperrsatz

    Solution in MS Word
  22. Fabian

    Two hard to see areas in Dark Mode

    + I have reported other bugs which should be fixed.
  23. I tried searching the forums for these two issues but came up short. I'm running Mac OS 10.14.6, Accordance 13.1.7, with Dark Mode enabled. #1 - Editing a User Layer in the 2D Atlas (see Screenshot 1). When I go to edit my new User Layer (Tovar Bible Study), parts of the editing palette that appears are very difficult to see. #2 - Editing a User Note and adding a Resource Link (See Screenshot 2). The text I enter in the "Search" field is very difficult to see (light gray against white background). Is there any thing I can do to fix either of these issues? Se
  24. Dataduffy

    Superscript colour

    Is there anyway on any of the accordance applications for iOS or Mac to set the superscript colour? For verse references we can set font, colour, style etc. Is there a way to do the same with superscripts for notes, cross references etc. thanks john
  25. Last week
  26. Have you tried clearing the Data Cache in the App Settings of the device? Try just the Cache first, then if it still doesn't improve clear the Data for the App. If you need to do the latter you will need to install the modules via Easy Install.
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