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  2. There should be more diversity of displaying resources. Yes, the ability to pop out a window/pane to be moved and resized independently would be helpful. And how about joining or separating these detached windows (drag and drop), like you can do with web browser tabs? That would be great! They'd be like ad-hoc sub-workspaces. Instant Details really needs to be an independent box so it can stay visible in Reading Mode or in a Research pane/window. It could be dockable to any side of the screen, with the option to display only when hovering (like the hyperlink/URL bar at the bottom o
  3. Of course, yes, iCloud sync can only be one option. I was simply expressing a lament that this has not been implemented. Laments are healthy (and biblical). Of course there need be at least one other sync option. If iCloud sync were an option, in addition to any other sync option y'all implement, I'd choose iCloud. So, I lament it's not an option.
  4. Since yesterday I have noticed a problem with searching for verses in a number of texts (NA28 Greek NT (Sigla) and Greek NT (tagged)) and at least one English translation. So, for instance, I might search for "Rom 5:3" and Matt 1:1 pops up instead or for "Rom 7:6" and I get 1 Cor 7:21 etc., etc.! Some of the time it DOES go to the right verse but much of the time it doesn't. Other times it goes to the right passage but not the right verse (the verse I ask for is highlighted but it's a different verse that appears first at the top of the screen, but from the same passage). I've experimented wit
  5. BOOX sells E ink devices. They use android system, so we can install all android apps, including the Accordance android app. The price is too high for me. One of my friends has one and he recommended it to me. https://www.amazon.com/stores/BOOX/page/C85BA904-7EC8-439F-BB0F-9242CF37823D?ref_=ast_bln
  6. Of course. We're not saying that some users, especially those who have been with us the longest, don't matter. What I'm suggesting is that we are trying to give equal worth to all users, whether you've been with us a long time or a short time. The reality is that if we had stayed Mac-only, we probably wouldn't be here. The Windows emulator was not a good solution, and we found a better one by creating a Windows-native app. A very significant competitor is no longer around because they stayed Windows-only and opted not to create a mobile app, which is probably where the greatest pot
  7. To be fair, for those of us who bought Accordance years ago for the Mac platform it's a bit like saying no longer matter. Current syncing strategy is to excluded us or at least keep us using something highly inferior. Expansion to so many platforms may be good for business but it comes at a cost to your oldest loyal users. Please remember to take us into account too.
  8. Joe, that's easy to say if all you use is macOS and iOS. Imagine, though, if you were a Windows and/or Android user, and we came out with this super, seamless syncing strategy that completely excluded you. And we said, hey, just keep using Dropbox, while we look for something else. I mean, that's really not a good strategy for maintaining customer goodwill. A better plan would be to create a super, seamless syncing strategy that works for everyone. Also, I should point out that a large number of Windows users who also use iPhones. There's an incredible amount of cross-platform syncing to take
  9. Since iCloud has such great developer kits, and an entire support system ready to go, it's a shame that it's not an option for Accordance on macOS and iPadOS and iOS. My apps that use iCloud sync are so good.
  10. Okay, I’ve done lots of looking into for this and concluded that that’s for the kindle tablet devices, not their e-ink ones. I’ve decided to just use logos to buy and read the books I’ll read on my kindle. It does have a wider library to access such books anyway. I still think accordance is the “lighter” piece of software and operates more smoothly! I’ve submitted a feature request to accordance to export such books, but don’t think it’ll be accepted or noticed... thanks for the efforts to help.
  11. Well, macOS users, by virtue of using macOS, already have a better user experience . . . so . . .
  12. No, the admin team can reset your account. See
  13. DM me with info on your old account, and I can merge them.
  14. It becomes an issue of supporting multiple syncing options--which is not only a support issue but also extra development and added code to the software. And it creates a better experience for some users over others. Not really a good place to be. A better solution would be to have one really good syncing method that works for every platform and syncs more than what is currently synced. Stay tuned.
  15. Whoa. Just noticed I'm now a new user with only one post. I guess all the old stuff is gone? Hmm.
  16. I've said this elsewhere in the past, but since it came up again today, I'll say it again. Dropbox sync is terrible. Yes, it works. Sometimes. And when it works, it works well. But when it goes wrong, it goes so, so wrong. Not worth it. I've quit dropbox entirely and use wifi sync. As bad as wifi sync is, at this point it's still better than dropbox. I understand wanting to keep the sync open for non Mac users also. Would it be possible to simply let iCloud be one of the sync options?
  17. I second that request. Free placement and sizing of windows is more logical and space efficient.
  18. Hmm... problem with the construct search, it seems to me, is that the CHARACTER does not understand the semicolon for the question mark. Try this as a just a regular search. "ου μη" <FOLLOWED BY> .; Set the scope to verse. I get 5 hits: Luke 18.7; John 11.26, 56; 18.11; Rev 15.4 (There are 93 instances of "ου μη" clauses in the GNT, and only one of those (Gal 4.30) has a word (γαρ) between the ου and the μη.)
  19. As I primarily use the Mac version I am ignorant of the current bugs in the Windows release.
  20. Totally understandable. I just believe in options. Options are a good thing when done well. I am sure you all will get the syncing stuff figured out. BTW -- Amazing software overall. I love it!
  21. Try quitting Accordance by double pressing the Home button and then swiping the miniature Accordance off the screen. Then open the device Settings from the Home screen, scroll down and select Accordance. Turn on Remove Saved Session and Clear Download Cache and then open Accordance again. If the issue continues, please contact Tech Support team at techsupport@accordancebible.com.
  22. we asked and we received. thanks mystery link fixer, your work has not gone unnoticed! 😀
  23. Mark Allison is tracking down our Bibles now. He may want to look into this.
  24. Hello im running ios10.3.4 on older I pad so can't up grade iPad accordance useded to work fine but now when I open accordance I get the splash page, and a message that the last search I made is unavailable thanks for for your assistance david
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