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two te'amim (accents) on one word. how to search?

Joshua Jacobson

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I love Accordance and I use it regularly for teaching, research, publication, etc,
Most of my work involves the masoretic accents of the Hebrew Bible. I’ve learned how to do a simple search.
But this is more complicated. I need to do a search for an accent that is called “oleh-veyored." עוֹלֶ֫ה־וְיוֹרֵ֥ד
It is a compound accent, consisting of two accent marks on the same word.
How do I do a search for an accent like that?
Thanks in advance for your help.
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Welcome to the forums @Joshua Jacobson

And, thanks for the interesting question!


Okay, just to get started here is one faulty search (you probably already knew)that 'might work' but also picks up false hits.

(In the past I have used something like this to search on etnachta clause pattern/string ‘Mercha, Tipcha, Munach, Etnachta’).

This search resulted in two false hits and one correct hit:





Regards and I'll be back

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This time around 'seemed' to work...


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Posted (edited)

@Joshua Jacobson


Your request is a good one a very good one!

I am sorry to report some bad news others have been wanting to run this type of search but without any luck so far: 


search for words with two accents (2023)



How to find one (prosodic) word with two cantillation marks? (2018)



I wonder if the following program might allow for the searching of two accents on one word?






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Hi. I am the author of RegexForAccordance.  Yes, you can do this with regular expressions. 


You are looking for words with two or more cantillation marks. The pattern is a sequence like this.


A word boundary.

Zero or more non-whitespace characters, followed by a cantillation mark.

Repeat that two or more times.

Zero or more non-whitespace characters to finish the word.

A word boundary.


Here are the things we need to match.


\b matches a word boundary

\S matches non-whitespace

[\u0591-\u05AF] matches any Hebrew cantillation mark

* matches the previous thing zero or more times

{2,} matches the previous thing 2 or more times


First, make sure that RegexForAccordance is not removing the cantillation marks. Click the Filters button and uncheck these boxes.

* Remove Hebrew Cantillation

* Remove Hebrew Points





Text Module: HMT-W4

Range: Gen-2Chr

Search: \b(\S*[\u0591-\u05AF]){2,}\S*\b


Result: 9380 hits in 8011 verses.



If you want only specific cantillation marks, you can list individual Unicode numbers. For example, in another post, someone wanted to find telisha gadol and geresh/gershayim in the same word.  Let’s try that.


Wikipedia gives the Unicode numbers for these symbols.





Search: \b(\S*[\u05A0\u059C\u059E]){2,}\S*\b


Result: 3 hits in 3 verses

Lev 10:4; 2 Kgs 17:24; Ezek 48:10




I hope that is what you are looking for. If not, please give some more examples, and I will try again.




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Hello and Thank you @Darin Franklin !

I believe the above types of searches are what @Joshua Jacobson wanted to accomplish.

Thank you so much for creating RegexForAccordance and for posting here!

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@Darin Franklin We should feature your app on our blog, social media, and Accordance Exchange! It's fantastic. 


If we ever add Regex into Accordance in the future, we may just have to chat with you. :-)

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