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What is Mac Scripting?

Brian K. Mitchell

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(1) What is scripting?

(2) Does one need to know how to code to use Mac scripting?

(3) What is the difference between Mac Scripting, Apple Script, and JavaScript?

(4) Do you use Scripting? Why or why not?

(5) If you use Scripting how do you use it?


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Scripting allows you to automate tasks.


It depends on the scripts. Some are easy to learn, some are more complicated.


There is no general "Mac Scripting". AppleScript is an easy to use scripting language. JavaScript is harder to learn but is heavily used in websites. Automator and Shortcuts are two automation apps that work without scripting.


I have used AppleScript and Automator. Haven't gotten into Shortcuts yet.


I've used Automator to bulk resize images, and I even used it once to build a temporary fix for Nota Bene on Mac when Apple was preventing the app from launching.

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Okay, then if I understand what you are saying then it seems like one needs some coding skills to take advantage of scripting. 


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It would depend on what "scripting language" you use. AppleScript is easy. Stuff like JavaScript is harder.


I'd honestly start with tutorials on Automator and Shortcuts since you can automate stuff with those without learning scripts.


Then look for introductory articles on AppleScript.


Maybe even use ChatGPT to generate some basic AppleScripts for you.


Then see where you want to go. I'd just have fun exploring for a bit.

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