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Found 2 results

  1. Here is a script that will take a valid verse reference and return the text of the reference for every relevant module you have installed in Accordance. (As discussed in this topic.) This edition of the script asks for the reference in dialog box and then displays the result in a new TextEdit document, but the core routine could be adapted in any environment. -- use a display dialog to ask for valid verse reference set dd to display dialog "Enter a valid verse reference:" default answer "John 1:1" set theReference to text returned of dd multiModuleVerseLookup(theReference, true) on multiModuleVerseLookup(theReference, quoteAsCitation) -- set the delimiter between versions set theDelimiter to return & "----------" & return -- get moduleList tell application "Accordance" to set moduleList to «event AccdVerL» -- prepare textResult set textResult to theReference & theDelimiter repeat with thisModule in moduleList -- lookup theReference in each module tell application "Accordance" to set thisResult to «event AccdTxRf» {thisModule, theReference, quoteAsCitation} -- add the result if the module contains theReference if thisResult does not start with "ERR-" then set textResult to textResult & thisModule & return & thisResult & theDelimiter end repeat -- add display the result in a new TextEdit document tell application "TextEdit" activate set textDoc to make new document at the front set the text of textDoc to textResult end tell end multiModuleVerseLookup A longer description of the script can be found here on my blog. And, FWIW, I still think it'd be a good idea to have a sub-forum for scripting/automation/Services/siri lookup/etc.
  2. I just wrote a little Mac Automator script that will, within any app, open an Accordance universal link directly into Accordance without using a web browser When you right-click on a universal link (https://accordance.bible/link/...) and choose to run this service, it replaces the universal URL with an Accordance specific URL and opens it directly in Accordance. I'm sure others have done this, but I could not find it in the forums so I'll post my work here. You can either create and tweak your own as I explain below, or just download the Service I created. https://www.dropbox.com/s/27xcop4g7r5a1x5/Open%20Acc%20Links%20in%20Acc.zip?dl=0 Using Automator, create a new Service and set it to accept URLs. Add two boxes for "Run AppleScript" and below them one box for "Run Shell Script." (See screenshot) ----- The First AppleScript: on run {input, parameters} (* Removes text "https://accordance.bible/link/" from the input URL *) set output to {} -- this will be the action's output set textToRemove to "https://accordance.bible/link/" -- the text to remove repeat with anItem in the input -- step through each item in the input set {tempTID, AppleScript's text item delimiters} to {AppleScript's text item delimiters, textToRemove} set {textPieces, AppleScript's text item delimiters} to {text items of anItem, tempTID} set the end of the output to textPieces as text end repeat return the output -- pass the result(s) to the next action end run The Second AppleScript: on run {input, parameters} (* Prepends "accord://" to the input items *) set output to {} set prepend_text to "accord://" -- the text to add repeat with an_item in the input set the end of output to (prepend_text & (an_item as text)) end repeat return output end run The Shell Script: (with "Pass Input" set to "as arguments") open "$1" -a /Applications/Accordance.app ----- I'm sure there is an easy way to combine the two scripts into one, but this works great. If you have suggestions to improve it, let me know below. After you save it, it will appear as an option under "Services" when you right click on a URL. (Edit: I completely understand, and appreciate, the need for Accordance to switch to the Universal links, but I use Evernote a lot and often want to skip the web-browser when clicking on Accordance links.) - Omar .
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