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Random crashes?

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Thanks! We'll look into this when we get a free moment.

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I got another 'random' crash.


It's not really random but it cannot be reproduced.


I searched in HMT-W4 and then switched to ETCBC and it crashed. 


Does not always do this.


Accordance has encountered an unhandled exception.
The information in this file may help us fix this problem for a future version.

You can report this error by posting this file on our forums at:
Or emailing it to support@accordancebible.com
We hope to implement automatic error reporting soon.

Accordance 14.0.9 (
Windows 10 (10.0.19045)
RAM: 2068MB free of 8101MB total
Disc: 55GB free of 237GB total

Exception Description:
  EAccessViolation: Access violation
Exception Thread: 
  1-1-9136: Main Thread
Exception Backtrace: 

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Important update! I can reproduce it now!


To reproduce this crash, simply open the attached workspace. Do the search in HMT-W4, then switch to ETCBC and it will crash.


The reason causing the crash is when I have the analysis tab set to display, TARGUMS intertest and INFLECTED hits:





Repeatable crash - switch to ETCBC and try to search.accord

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I'll test the repeatable crash today. Thanks! We spoke with programming about the few random crashes remaining in 14.0.9. We can look into it when time permits.

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How did you get your Set Analysis Display to this? I struggle with mine. Maybe a screen recording? 


If you also want, you can copy/paste your two posts into a new thread since it's repeatable and tag me in it. That would be easier to file.

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