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Required modules

Luke Bert

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Hello, I am trying to figure out what modules are required to do syntax searches. For example 

The buttons here 

These construct search options appear in my Greek and Hebrew construct searches, but they only seem to function in my Hebrew searches. In my Greek searches, it simply says there are no results in text. 

I would like to know (1) what module(s) I need to buy to make these options functions work in Greek. (2) What module did I buy that the search options work in Hebrew? I am doing a seminar today and I would like to be able to suggest the best modules for these functions. 

Additionally are there any collections that include these modules?

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The Syntax of the Greek New Testament (GNT28-T.syntax) works with Novum Testamentum Graece (New Testament in Greek) (GNT28-T), the one without the apparatus.


Similarly, the Hebrew Syntax works with the Hebrew text without an apparatus.


Here is a discussion of the reasoning: 


Edited by Michael J. Bolesta
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Our Syntax modules we offer are:


  • Syntax on the Greek New Testament
  • Syntax on the Hebrew Old Testament (Holmstedt)
  • Andersen Forbes Hebrew Syntax Old Testament
  • ETCBC Hebrew Syntax Old Testament


Syntax of the Greek and the Holmstedt Hebrew are going to be the two "simple" ones. If you're not sure what you have and what you need, contact sales, and they'll assist.

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