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What in God's name? An abiding word study bug in 14.0.2

Michel Gilbert

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In another post, some were discussing how long it took to load results for a word study of יהוה. I was interested so I tried on my M1 mini and it took less than two seconds. But I also checked text compare between NIV and HCSB, and the same problems that occurred then, in b4, still occur in 14.0.2, i.e., in the NIV, God's name is translated 4,920 times as "the" and 594 times as "The." There are also some interesting translations at the bottom of both columns, "its," "it," "s," "where," "Judah," and "there."


Here is a screenshot:


What in God's name ?.png

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Sorry, this should be in Bug Swatters - Mac (even though the same applies to Windows).

Also, Mark posted that the discrepancies between NIV11-GK and other versions are due to different coding schemes--GK vs Strong.

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