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Accordance application non-responsive


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Accordance has become unresponsive. I'm trying to search BDAG, but the search no longer completes. (I have done many searches this way previously.)


1. Typing in the search box and hitting the "Enter" key no longer updates the window.

2. Backspace through the search field sometimes stops part way - the earlier part of the search text cannot be deleted.

3. Clicking "x" in the top-right corner doesn't close the application. I need to force-quit Accordance via cmd-alt-del. This used to solve the problem at the expense of a corrupted session, but at least I could start from a clean slate. Now, these symptoms persist even across force-quit + relaunch.

4. The menu bar is unresponsive. When I click on "File" etc to try to open a different session, no menu appears.


I rebooted the machine, uninstalled Accordance and re-installed Accordance. The problem is still there.

How do I get Accordance up and running again?


Accordance Version: 13.1.4

System: Windows 10, Lenovo laptop.

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I uninstalled Accordance again, renamed the remnant Accordance folder, and reinstalled, which created a new Accordance folder. However, Accordance then complained about missing files and stayed in a tight loop trying to get me to find the wayward files. I had to force-quit the application to continue.

After restoring the remnant folder and reinstalling yet again, Accordance is now working again.


I doubt that all those reinstalls were the thing that fixed the problem, so I'm left with the sense that Accordance isn't reliable as an application.

Is there anything I can do to make it more reliable, or to diagnose and fix corrupted preference/configuration/session files - if that's the real problem?

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Thank you for pointing me to the telephone contact page. It looks like this is now solved, though time will tell.


The support staff noted that if the Accordance installer was downloaded using Chrome, about half the time Chrome would treat the installer as malware and disable some of its functionality.


On my system, the problem described in my first post above was reproducible. Accordance froze in that weird manner every time I used Easy Install to either download a purchased module or to update an existing module (except the initial install, where there was a different problem). Easy Install would installs the module, then Accordance would freeze in the way described above. Re-installing and messing with the files (see my second post above) kind of fixed the problem until the next Easy Install.


The solution was to download the Accordance installer again, using a browser other than Chrome. Re-installing was quick and preserved the existing modules on my PC.


I tested the new installation by deleting one of my modules and using Easy Install to get it back. This time, Accordance didn't freeze after the install. (Don't use any of the corrupted workspace files, though - loading those can freeze Accordance even with the new installation.)




If this problem comes back, I recommend calling support. 


Contact info here: https://www.accordancebible.com/contact-us/


They'll either be able to fix it, or pass on information about what they were able to figure out.

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