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Accordance crashes on start up


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Out of nowhere this morning Accordance is crashing on my laptop upon opening it.  It stays open for about 3 seconds, then crashes.  I was already having trouble with my papers not syncing from my desktop to my laptop using Dropbox auto-sync.  Up until now Dropbox sync has worked fine.


I tried uninstalling Dropbox, since this seems to a major culprit according to the forums here.  The problem persists.  I saw that someone started Windows in safe mode and unlinked dropbox, but when I am in safe mode it just tells me Dropbox is already unlinked.


Not sure what do try next.


Here is the latest crash log:


Accordance Crash Log
    Crashed at: 11:25:37:969 On: 20 of Apr, 2020  FLE Daylight Time
    OS: 10.0 build: 18363 - Windows 10
    Memory load (MB): 42% Physical: 8056 Avail: 4636
    Free disk user (MB): 217535 All free: 217535
    Accordance Version 13.0.5 (
Message: Access violation
Address:   $57242BDC
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Dropbox is definitely the culprit based on all the uninstalling, reinstalling, deleting of folders, etc. I did today.  In spite of all this Accordance crashes as soon as I try to sync with Dropbox. 




I am going to try using Microsoft One Drive to keep my files in sync between my two computers.  One Drive has served me well for several years now keeping sermon files and such in sync, so I have no reason to think it will not work with Accordance files.  I decided to continue not to sync my workspaces, since the computers have different screen sizes (I have a bit more space on the desktop screen).


I'll post again if I run into any hiccups, but otherwise I hope this gives someone who is pulling their hair out over Dropbox a nice alternative. :-)

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Thanks for the report.  I'll see if I can determine the cause of the crash.


As far as using OneDrive, I see no reason that should not work just as well.

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