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  1. Hello @Silas Marrs Yesterday I had installed Accordance on a Mac. This was an absolutely clean install as the Mac and the owner of the Mac never heard of Accordance before. Current OS Monterey 12.4. After the installation Accordance brought an error about the "non access the the HD" or so. And then crashed. This happens twice until I led the person to the Security and allow full HD... To be honest I was ashamed Accordance crashed in front of this person twice. Especially because I recommended this program. AFAIK this bug was reported years ago and is still there. Good software leads to the Security to allow the missing rights to work properly, but not Accordance. Unfortunately I don't have the crash reports as I didn't found the folder. This needs to be fixed in the next build, especially in 14.
  2. A new problem recently arose for me seemingly out of nowhere concerning my Dropbox syncing across my Mac, iPad, and iPhone. On all of them, trying to sync my content crashes the app. I didn't make any changes in my workflow. I had edited one of my user tools, which I frequently edit, went to sync manually with Dropbox, and the app crashed. I then tried it on my iPad and iPhone, with the same results. I thought it may have been a fluke, but I haven't been able to get my content to sync since a couple of days ago. I went to my Dropbox account and deleted the User Tools folder. I also moved the User Tools folder out of my Accordance Files on my Mac. I did another sync, and that worked, basically removing all of my User Tools. I slowly began re-importing my user tools into Accordance. I would import about 50, then sync. This seemed to work. However, after I got about half way through my tools, the Dropbox sync would start crashing the app again. So I tried to isolate a single user tool that may have been the problem, but to no avail. I have tried the 'Remove Saved Session' and 'Clear Download Cache' options in the iOS Accordance settings, but that hasn't worked. Any thoughts? On a side note, it would be really nice to be able to create and edit User Tools on the iOS versions. Editing my User Tools is really the only reason I ever open my laptop these days. Accordance 13.1.4 iOS 14.2 MacOS 10.15.7
  3. I updated to Accordance for iOS 3.2.0 ( on a 4th generation iPad running iOS 10.3.3 It is unusable. I crashes immediately. Removing the saved session fails. Removing the saved session fails, clearing the download cache, resetting Spotlight Indexes, resetting Interlinear Settings fails. Shutting the iPad, restarting, and repeating these steps fails. In fact when opening the settings and checking the Accordance section shows that the application startup settings do NOT revert to the default of off. I would rather not delete the app and reinstall. It took a LONG time to install and configure the contents. That is NOT easy when going to a new iOS device, even with synch over Wi-Fi rather than Easy Install. Any ideas short of deleting the app and reinstall? Thank you very much! The LORD bless you and keep you. Accordance for iOS 3.2.0 ( [iOS 10.3.3 iPad 4th generation]
  4. VictorD

    Android app crashing

    I have Samsung Note 10 with the latest update. Everytime I open the Accordance app, I get the following error: The text "%@" is not currently available to accordance. When I click ok, Accordance app exits. Anyone encountered the same thing?
  5. pder3571

    Accordance Crashes

    This morning I upgraded my Mac to run Accordance 13.1.3. When I typed in a topic on the Research line, Accordance immediately crashed (twice). What do I need to do to correct this problem?
  6. Hello, Whenever I do a somewhat bigger search under "Research," the program crashes. This happens so often that lately I am avoiding using Accordance for a bigger search. Today, it crashed because I searched the root עבת in Hebrew Lexicons. I tried to upload a short video to this page, but it says: "You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file." I tried to change the available RAM (paging file size), but this didn't help. I use a new Dell laptop (Intel Core i7-1065G7 CPU; Installed RAM 8.00 GB, 64-bit) with Win10. I have to note: I am no computer expert. Thus, simple language and clear instructions will be very appreciated. Best regards, Andreas Stutz
  7. Every time I try to "Add User Item" in my stack Accordance crashes. When I restart Accordance, it has added the new User Item to the stack. Windows 10 Accordance 13.0.4
  8. Out of nowhere this morning Accordance is crashing on my laptop upon opening it. It stays open for about 3 seconds, then crashes. I was already having trouble with my papers not syncing from my desktop to my laptop using Dropbox auto-sync. Up until now Dropbox sync has worked fine. I tried uninstalling Dropbox, since this seems to a major culprit according to the forums here. The problem persists. I saw that someone started Windows in safe mode and unlinked dropbox, but when I am in safe mode it just tells me Dropbox is already unlinked. Not sure what do try next. Here is the latest crash log: Accordance Crash Log Crashed at: 11:25:37:969 On: 20 of Apr, 2020 FLE Daylight Time OS: 10.0 build: 18363 - Windows 10 Memory load (MB): 42% Physical: 8056 Avail: 4636 Free disk user (MB): 217535 All free: 217535 Accordance Version 13.0.5 ( Message: Access violation Address: $57242BDC Backtrace: $57242BDC $57242C64 $572430DE $00569C73 $00571C8A $00585E2A $7736444B $77344F8C $77344B2A $7734E16F $77BE427D $00403E5D
  9. I have noticed it crashes when I have a text search open with parallel texts open. But, it seems to happen consistently when I move the context slider from showing 0 verses to showing all verse in context. It is starting to effect my work. It has crashed over 10 times today. I would really appreciate advice on this. Thanks. Running Accordance 13.0.2; MacBook Pro 2016, Catalina 10.15.1
  10. Recently I attempted to sync Mac library dividers to iOS, and although they synced successfully, every time afterward, the iOS app crashed upon attempting the next sync. This happened on both my iPad and iPhone. A window came up with an obscure error message, "I/O Error #%@ in the file '%@'." (Screenshot attached from iPhone for error message.) At first I did not know the reason for the error, but after searching the Accordance iOS help pages, I found the following statement under ‘crash while syncing’: “Blank or garbled rows in the Library window of Accordance for iOS may cause a crash when syncing. You can remove them like any other row in the Library View. Either swipe across the row (hit the Delete button to confirm the deletion), or enter Edit mode using the "Edit" button in the top bar of the Library View, tap on the delete switch for the row in question, and then confirm the delete. Remember to tap the "Done" button in the top bar of the Library View when you are done editing.” I then looked through my texts and tools in the library, and wherever I had synced divider lines from the Mac, there were blank rows in the iOS library view. So, following the instructions, I deleted all those rows. I did this on both my iPhone and iPad. From then on, everything synced perfectly again with the Mac and the issue has not recurred. Hence I've concluded that it is a no-no to sync divider spaces from the Mac to the iOS library. With this in mind, I'd like to ask for a bug fix so that the user cannot inadvertently get himself into a situation where he/she crashes the iOS app. Either: (1) Not allow blank divider rows/spaces to be synced from Mac to iOS in the first place, OR (2) If the sync encounters any blank rows, give a warning message to the effect that “blank rows found in library, please delete before syncing” (or similar wording), OR (It took me awhile to figure out the cause of the crash; I did not immediately realize the connection between the crash and the divider rows.) (3) Both # 1 and #2 above. From the help pages, it is a known condition that it's possible to have 'blank modules' that will crash Accordance for iOS when syncing. Can a fix be put in place such that it's not possible to have blank rows in the Library View to begin with, thus avoiding the crashes? Thanks for any help.
  11. In the last couple of macOS 10.15 Catalina Betas, any attempt to download newly purchased modules or module updates results in an instantaneous crash. Realizing that Accordance does not provide support for applications running on beta system software, I thought I should post it anyway to give everyone a heads-up on a potential issue when Catalina is released later this month or next, and possibly get some feedback on a fix. Below is the most recent Crash Log. Thanks for your attention! Christopher Accordance Crash Log 9/3/19, 8:59:33 PM Program Version: 12.3.6 (12.3.6) OS Version: 10.15.0 Message: Access violation Address: $000000010CC5F119 Backtrace: 0 acord 0x000000010cc5f119 acord + 373017 1 acord 0x000000010cc5ef77 acord + 372599 2 acord 0x000000010cd3c8c9 acord + 1280201 3 acord 0x000000010cd31697 acord + 1234583 4 acord 0x000000010cd3cc7c acord + 1281148 5 acord 0x000000010cd30ee5 acord + 1232613 6 acord 0x000000010cd3c0ed acord + 1278189 7 acord 0x000000010d296ef3 acord + 6893299 8 acord 0x000000010d293fdb acord + 6881243 9 acord 0x000000010cde6cd5 acord + 1977557 10 acord 0x000000010cd230a1 acord + 1175713 11 acord 0x000000010cc9c5ae acord + 624046 12 AppKit 0x00007fff3291d864 -[NSApplication(NSResponder) sendAction:to:from:] + 299 13 acord 0x000000010cc7c34f acord + 492367 14 AppKit 0x00007fff3297cd6c -[NSControl sendAction:to:] + 86 15 AppKit 0x00007fff3297cc9e __26-[NSCell _sendActionFrom:]_block_invoke + 136 16 AppKit 0x00007fff3297cba0 -[NSCell _sendActionFrom:] + 171 Binaries: 0x000000000cc04000 /Applications/Accordance.app/Contents/MacOS/acord 0x000000010da46000 /Applications/Accordance.app/Contents/Frameworks/ZipArchive.framework/Versions/A/ZipArchive 0x000000010da92000 /Applications/Accordance.app/Contents/Frameworks/Sparkle.framework/Versions/A/Sparkle 0x000000010db16000 /Applications/Accordance.app/Contents/Frameworks/ObjectiveDropboxOfficial.framework/Versions/A/ObjectiveDropboxOfficial
  12. The program is just crashing when I am trying to highlight the text. This happen after I did a Dropbox sync between my Macbook pro (Mojave 10.14.5) and an Android phone. I can do the highlighting in my phone just fine but when I do it in the Macbook, it crashed. I hope there is a solution to this problem. Blessings, Itthaphon
  13. My Windows Accordance 12.3.2 version crashes after I try to create a concordance Scenario For HCSB and NASB 95 (didn't try other versions): Search for "Abraham" only in the New Testament. I get 75 or 74 hits, respectively Click on View Analytics and select Concordance Accordance crashes Repeated this some 4-5 times so it is verfiable Thanks Debbie in Israel
  14. I am trying to view default analytics. When selected accordance crashes. I have open my ESV Strongs bible and I would have done a word search and pushed enter to search for word at completion of search I then tried to view default analytics then we crash. Any help would be appreciated. Accordance Crash Log 2/11/19, 8:38:02 PM Program Version: 12.3.2 (12.3.2) OS Version: 10.14.3 Message: Access violation Address: $0000000100BF4949 Backtrace: 0 acord 0x0000000100bf4949 acord + 4831561 1 acord 0x0000000100bfaeab acord + 4857515 2 acord 0x0000000100bfb947 acord + 4860231 3 acord 0x0000000100bfbdf8 acord + 4861432 4 acord 0x0000000100bfbf47 acord + 4861767 5 acord 0x0000000100bfc14d acord + 4862285 6 acord 0x0000000100bda8c8 acord + 4724936 7 acord 0x0000000100bf3bfd acord + 4828157 8 acord 0x0000000100dd47d8 acord + 6797272 9 acord 0x0000000100ba9208 acord + 4522504 10 acord 0x0000000100876659 acord + 1168985 11 acord 0x000000010081e505 acord + 808197 12 acord 0x00000001007f30fe acord + 631038 13 AppKit 0x00007fff4b0f460b -[NSApplication(NSResponder) sendAction:to:from:] + 312 14 acord 0x00000001007d1147 acord + 491847 15 AppKit 0x00007fff4b15163f -[NSMenuItem _corePerformAction] + 323 16 AppKit 0x00007fff4b1513b2 -[NSCarbonMenuImpl performActionWithHighlightingForItemAtIndex:] + 114 Binaries: 0x0000000000759000 /Applications/Accordance.app/Contents/MacOS/acord 0x00000001014f1000 /Applications/Accordance.app/Contents/Frameworks/ZipArchive.framework/Versions/A/ZipArchive 0x0000000101540000 /Applications/Accordance.app/Contents/Frameworks/Sparkle.framework/Versions/A/Sparkle 0x00000001015c5000 /Applications/Accordance.app/Contents/Frameworks/ObjectiveDropboxOfficial.framework/Versions/A/ObjectiveDropboxOfficial
  15. I’m running 12.3.1 on Mojave 10.14.1, and each time I try to type into the search bar of the Library panel, Accordance completely disappears. I tried to search for “Wycliffe” there, and a dialog appeared saying that Accordance needed to control Finder. I made the mistake of denying permission, and the crashes began. I returned to System Preferences and gave Accordance permission for Finder, but Accordance still crashes the moment I type a single letter in the Library panel’s search bar. I have not yet rebooted my computer, but Accordance has been quit properly (not just crashed). Even after a proper quitting of Accordance, and reopening it, the Library search crashes on the first character typed. While a reboot may solve the issue, perhaps some warning needs to be provided for Mojave users so they don't accidentally create this issue. Christopher Smith
  16. Hello all, After multiple re-downloads and re-installs (entire packages) and attempts at debugging using 'safe mode' to no avail, I've finally narrowed down the problem to the QURAN-D module (through individual downloads & reinstalls). Here are the steps to reproduce the error: 1) Download QURAN-D 3) Go through setup 4) Open Library 5) Click on search bar and type one letter --> CRASH Interestingly enough, if QURAN-D is not the first module to be installed (there is one or more module that exists in the software), the program would always crash at start-up. (*There was an instance where you would be able load your workspace and only the search bar crash will consistently occur. However, I wasn't able to reproduce this scenario.) Here is the crash log: Accordance Crash Log 11/27/18, 10:07:49 PM Program Version: 12.3.1 (12.3.1) OS Version: 10.9.5 Message: Access violation Address: $000000010FCC9C5D Backtrace: 0 acord 0x000000010fcc9c5d acord + 5774429 1 acord 0x000000010fcca128 acord + 5775656 2 acord 0x000000010fcca3b2 acord + 5776306 3 acord 0x000000010fcd578d acord + 5822349 4 acord 0x000000010fcd60ab acord + 5824683 5 acord 0x000000010fcd5f36 acord + 5824310 6 acord 0x000000010fcd6695 acord + 5826197 7 acord 0x000000010fcd7c69 acord + 5831785 8 acord 0x000000010fce2749 acord + 5875529 9 acord 0x000000010f865bf1 acord + 1170417 10 acord 0x000000010f7e07a6 acord + 624550 11 AppKit 0x00007fff873c4260 -[NSApplication sendAction:to:from:] + 327 12 acord 0x000000010f7c0bb7 acord + 494519 13 AppKit 0x00007fff873c40de -[NSControl sendAction:to:] + 86 14 AppKit 0x00007fff87410c4d -[NSCell _sendActionFrom:] + 128 15 AppKit 0x00007fff877e5329 -[NSSearchFieldCell(NSSearchFieldCell_Local) _sendPartialString] + 161 16 Foundation 0x00007fff88d1a784 __NSFireTimer + 96 Binaries: 0x000000000f748000 /Applications/Accordance.app/Contents/MacOS/acord 0x00000001104df000 /Applications/Accordance.app/Contents/Frameworks/ZipArchive.framework/Versions/A/ZipArchive 0x000000011053f000 /Applications/Accordance.app/Contents/Frameworks/Sparkle.framework/Versions/A/Sparkle 0x00000001105c5000 /Applications/Accordance.app/Contents/Frameworks/ObjectiveDropboxOfficial.framework/Versions/A/ObjectiveDropboxOfficial 0x0000000116e98000 cl_kernels 0x0000000116eaa000 cl_kernels 0x0000000116f12000 cl_kernels 0x0000000112c83000 cl_kernels 0x0000000116ef2000 cl_kernels 0x0000000112881000 cl_kernels So far, the only countermeasure to this problem I've found are the following: 1) Complete uninstall using https://www.accordancebible.com/Uninstalling-Accordance. 2) Install Accordance 12.3.1 and download QURAN-D 3) Go through setup 4) Open Library 5) Click on search bar and type one letter --> CRASH 6) Open Accordance 7) Download all your other modules --> Runs normally? Not sure if I'm the only one experiencing this problem but it is rather odd. Thank you for your time and efforts! -Ewing
  17. Vessoul1973

    Software Crash

    Hi- I need help in dealing with how to keep the software from crashing. I am on a project that is stalled due to this issue. I would talk to tech support but they are out for the weekend. I have tried recovering last session, and simply opening individual workspaces. I am running the latest software update and High Sierra. This is the last crash log: Accordance Crash Log 10/20/18, 2:39:22 PM Program Version: 12.2.9 (12.2.9) OS Version: 10.13.6 Message: Access violation Address: $000000010B9A2A1F Backtrace: 0 acord 0x000000010b9a2a1f acord + 2951711 1 acord 0x000000010b99fe00 acord + 2940416 2 acord 0x000000010b99cad4 acord + 2927316 3 acord 0x000000010b99c716 acord + 2926358 4 acord 0x000000010b982817 acord + 2820119 5 acord 0x000000010b9822d7 acord + 2818775 6 acord 0x000000010bd46c33 acord + 6769715 7 acord 0x000000010bd46e5e acord + 6770270 8 acord 0x000000010b883f1d acord + 1777437 9 acord 0x000000010b95d7be acord + 2668478 10 acord 0x000000010b8966cb acord + 1853131 11 acord 0x000000010b896ef4 acord + 1855220 12 acord 0x000000010b8a360f acord + 1906191 13 acord 0x000000010bd67512 acord + 6903058 14 AppKit 0x00007fff5061d56f forwardMethod + 211 15 acord 0x000000010bd6756c acord + 6903148 16 AppKit 0x00007fff506c20ad -[NSTrackingArea mouseMoved:] + 150 Binaries: 0x000000000b6d2000 /Applications/Accordance.app/Contents/MacOS/acord 0x000000010c410000 /Applications/Accordance.app/Contents/Frameworks/ZipArchive.framework/Versions/A/ZipArchive 0x000000010c45a000 /Applications/Accordance.app/Contents/Frameworks/Sparkle.framework/Versions/A/Sparkle 0x000000010c4dd000 /Applications/Accordance.app/Contents/Frameworks/ObjectiveDropboxOfficial.framework/Versions/A/ObjectiveDropboxOfficial Thanks for any help, Chris
  18. I recently lost my SDD and reinstalled Accordance on my new SSD. After using it once, it crashed during shutdown. Now when I try to open it Accordance tries to recover the most recent autosaved session but automatically crashes. I tried reinstalling Accordance but it didn't work. Please help! Using Accordance on Mac OSX 10.9.2
  19. Every time I try to open NIGTC (13 vols.), app crash. But NIGTC module opens without problems. Mac Book Pro, macOS 10.13.6 Accordance Crash Log 18.06.28, 07:18:05 Program Version: 12.2.7 (12.2.7) OS Version: 10.13.6 Message: Access violation Address: $000000010AE8F403 Backtrace: 0 acord 0x000000010ae8f403 acord + 2692099 1 acord 0x000000010aef9106 acord + 3125510 2 acord 0x000000010aef8ab8 acord + 3123896 3 acord 0x000000010aee1656 acord + 3028566 4 acord 0x000000010ad88059 acord + 1613913 5 acord 0x000000010acb8236 acord + 762422 6 acord 0x000000010ac97fd1 acord + 630737 7 AppKit 0x00007fff3c11cf29 _NSViewDrawRect + 83 8 AppKit 0x00007fff3b9b573c -[NSView _drawRect:clip:] + 1819 9 AppKit 0x00007fff3b9fdb52 -[NSView _recursiveDisplayAllDirtyWithLockFocus:visRect:] + 1735 10 AppKit 0x00007fff3b9b3656 -[NSView _recursiveDisplayRectIfNeededIgnoringOpacity:isVisibleRect:rectIsVisibleRectForView:topView:] + 938 11 AppKit 0x00007fff3b9b3ec5 -[NSView _recursiveDisplayRectIfNeededIgnoringOpacity:isVisibleRect:rectIsVisibleRectForView:topView:] + 3097 12 AppKit 0x00007fff3b9b3ec5 -[NSView _recursiveDisplayRectIfNeededIgnoringOpacity:isVisibleRect:rectIsVisibleRectForView:topView:] + 3097 13 AppKit 0x00007fff3b9b3ec5 -[NSView _recursiveDisplayRectIfNeededIgnoringOpacity:isVisibleRect:rectIsVisibleRectForView:topView:] + 3097 14 AppKit 0x00007fff3b9b2ddb -[NSThemeFrame _recursiveDisplayRectIfNeededIgnoringOpacity:isVisibleRect:rectIsVisibleRectForView:topView:] + 327 15 AppKit 0x00007fff3c11e4e0 -[NSView _oldDisplayRectIgnoringOpacity:isVisibleRect:rectIsVisibleRectForView:] + 2051 16 AppKit 0x00007fff3b9b1e5d -[NSView _displayRectIgnoringOpacity:isVisibleRect:rectIsVisibleRectForView:] + 253 Binaries: 0x000000000abfe000 /Applications/Accordance.app/Contents/MacOS/acord 0x000000010b932000 /Applications/Accordance.app/Contents/Frameworks/ZipArchive.framework/Versions/A/ZipArchive 0x000000010b97c000 /Applications/Accordance.app/Contents/Frameworks/Sparkle.framework/Versions/A/Sparkle 0x000000010ba03000 /Applications/Accordance.app/Contents/Frameworks/ObjectiveDropboxOfficial.framework/Versions/A/ObjectiveDropboxOfficial
  20. Mac Console Log reports this on crash Accordance Crash Log Program Version: 11.2.5 OS Version: 10.13.5 Message: Access violation Call trace: $00147098 $00147C88 $0014889A $0009CA6C $91C184C2 $91C9024F $91C8E4C0 $91AEB2D1 $00071461 $9136FAC8 $0006F2C8
  21. I run a windows 10 machine - i5, 8 Gigs RAM. Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.15063 Build 15063 FUJITSU Systemmodell LIFEBOOK E744 x64-basierter PC Intel® Core i5-4210M CPU @ 2.60GHz, 2601 MHz, 2 Kern(e), 4 logische® Prozessor(en) Problems: Accordance uses many resources and lags the whole system when performing searches. Also, when the info panel is open and the cross references are shown, the pc freezes. Sometimes, accordance crashes. Once windows said: "This Program does not function normally" I tried: - uninstalling, reinstalling - safe mode - cleared everything - disabled dropbox Nothing works. Thanks for your help.
  22. When I cut text (right click highlighted text and choose cut) from papers and paste (ctrl-v) into a new spot in that same paper, Accordance almost always hangs (crashing) for me. It hangs for so long I have to use task manager to shut Accordance down. Accordance Windows 10 PS No issue with same text when I revert back to 12.1.5
  23. Hi! Today I suddenly cannot finish syncing my Accordance mobile on iPhone 6 (iOS 11) with the Dropbox. It syncs highlighters, then updates Bible Text Notes and when the progress bar reaches the end, it crash and exit. Tried to sync with the Accordance for Mac, that went smoothly. Again tried Dropbox and again crash. Any ideas?
  24. Marshall A. Fant

    Compare Text Issue, 1 Corinthians 4

    I have a very strange issue—when setting up 4 panes, KJVS, NAS95S, GNT-TR, GNT-T and comparing differences, the program crashes whenever I go to 1 Corinthians 4. Very strange. It works in 1 Cor 3 and 5, just not 1 Cor 4. I made a video of this (it's unlisted— CLICK HERE, youtube link). Thanks.
  25. I have GNT28-T open, and I try to open a second pane in a NT commentary (I tried NIGCT and WBC-NT). I always have a crash, either as soon as I open the second pane, or when I try to scroll it. It is not a hard crash: Accordance is able to send a message that says: Accordance has unfortunately crashed, and refers to the crash message in the console. Here comes the message: Accordance Crash Log 16/06/17, 09:26:34 Program Version: 12.1.0 (12.1.0) OS Version: 10.12.6 Message: Access violation Address: $0000000102BA7AFE Backtrace: 0 acord 0x0000000102ba7afe acord + 2591486 1 acord 0x0000000102ba760d acord + 2590221 2 acord 0x0000000102ba8521 acord + 2594081 3 acord 0x0000000102f6c8bc acord + 6543548 4 AppKit 0x00007fffc6fecf99 -[NSView _drawRect:clip:] + 2276 5 AppKit 0x00007fffc703cf2f -[NSView _recursiveDisplayAllDirtyWithLockFocus:visRect:] + 1753 6 AppKit 0x00007fffc6feaad2 -[NSView _recursiveDisplayRectIfNeededIgnoringOpacity:isVisibleRect:rectIsVisibleRectForView:topView:] + 837 7 AppKit 0x00007fffc6feb6d1 -[NSView _recursiveDisplayRectIfNeededIgnoringOpacity:isVisibleRect:rectIsVisibleRectForView:topView:] + 3908 8 AppKit 0x00007fffc6feb6d1 -[NSView _recursiveDisplayRectIfNeededIgnoringOpacity:isVisibleRect:rectIsVisibleRectForView:topView:] + 3908 9 AppKit 0x00007fffc6feb6d1 -[NSView _recursiveDisplayRectIfNeededIgnoringOpacity:isVisibleRect:rectIsVisibleRectForView:topView:] + 3908 10 AppKit 0x00007fffc6fea2af -[NSThemeFrame _recursiveDisplayRectIfNeededIgnoringOpacity:isVisibleRect:rectIsVisibleRectForView:topView:] + 334 11 AppKit 0x00007fffc6fe86d8 -[NSView _displayRectIgnoringOpacity:isVisibleRect:rectIsVisibleRectForView:] + 2452 12 AppKit 0x00007fffc6fe3fca -[NSView displayIfNeeded] + 1748 13 AppKit 0x00007fffc6fe38db -[NSWindow displayIfNeeded] + 230 14 AppKit 0x00007fffc7743cb4 ___NSWindowGetDisplayCycleObserver_block_invoke.6228 + 277 15 AppKit 0x00007fffc6fe33b9 __37+[NSDisplayCycle currentDisplayCycle]_block_invoke + 454 16 QuartzCore 0x00007fffcf286da6 _ZN2CA11Transaction19run_commit_handlersE18CATransactionPhase + 46 Binaries: 0x000000000292f000 /Applications/Accordance.app/Contents/MacOS/acord 0x00000001035dd000 /Applications/Accordance.app/Contents/Frameworks/Sparkle.framework/Versions/A/Sparkle 0x0000000103664000 /Applications/Accordance.app/Contents/Frameworks/ObjectiveDropboxOfficial.framework/Versions/A/ObjectiveDropboxOfficial 0x000000010f538000 cl_kernels 0x000000010deaf000 cl_kernels
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