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Pane option disappears after devotionals appear as tools


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What? Where did it go? What happened to my split view, multi column, or parallel panes in my devotional layout on my iPad????


I wanted to share this message with anyone else who may encounter the same problem I had.  I searched the forums, performed online searches, re-read the help files, but I could not find a resolution to my problem anywhere.


I have spent the last two weeks trying my best to figure out HOW to get my settings back to where they should be, my preferred view.  No amount of fully restarting my iPad or closing the Accordance app would provide me with the viewing options again.  I even went so far as to clear out all of my recent history, updating settings at the global level, checked for any outstanding updates...even comparing it with one of my other iPads.


Somehow, something caused the app to register devotional texts on my primary iPad as a General Tool instead of Devotional.  It was the weirdest thing and I didn't notice this until I sat for another two hours comparing every single element of one iPad to the next.  I finally noticed all of the devotionals lumped under the tools and displaying the tools icon instead of the devotional.  (I attempted to insert  icon pics for ease of reference and visual cue, but the forum indicates I am not allowed to use the image extension...)


I finally went back out to the library area once more and selected the same book, which then somehow caused my devotional purchases to appear under the proper heading.  This is still really odd because I had already completed this particular task at least two times.


I am a happy reader again as of this hour - complete relief!  As a side note, I am on version 2.5.5, build from April 2017.

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I would be tempted to delete one of your problem devotionals from the primary iPad and reinstall it from easy install on the primary ipad and see if it gets correctly allocated.(dont use sync etc)


The other thing to do is go to ios settings and switch the on opening settings on to clear cache, previous sessions etc to remove anything that may have got corrupted.

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You can't search in the devotional in the devotional view. You had to go to the Tools and open there the devotional. 


But you had to know you are now in Tools and not in the devotional. 


https://www.accordancebible.com/forums/topic/21285-search-functions-on-devotionals/?hl=devotionalsince then I'm a knower of this issue.





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