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Found 5 results

  1. When I have a biblical ref in a note and I click on the ref, it opens up a new pane on the right. This is helpful, but sometimes it is not practical when I have too many parallels open. I am hoping that the hyperlink ref can open into a completely new tab which is tied to the first tab. Is there a way to possibly do this? Thank you, Kristin
  2. Every time I click on the "Add Parallel" > Texts or Reference Tools to add a new pane, it's placed at the bottom of the main Bible text pane, as the second row. Why? Screen is horizontal, and if you divide it horizontally, you get even less real estate for reading text. Why Accordance can't be so smart and place new panes in columns next to each other until it cannot place them that way anymore due to the minimum pane width, and only then place them in the second row? Now, every time I add a new pane I have to move it up manually. I tried to assign at least a shortcut for moving it up in the System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts (⌥⌘U), but Accordance ignores it (although it appears in the menu!). Please give me option to add new panes in parallel columns, at least in the form of a checkbox in the app's preferences (in the Workspace or Appearance sections).
  3. What? Where did it go? What happened to my split view, multi column, or parallel panes in my devotional layout on my iPad???? I wanted to share this message with anyone else who may encounter the same problem I had. I searched the forums, performed online searches, re-read the help files, but I could not find a resolution to my problem anywhere. I have spent the last two weeks trying my best to figure out HOW to get my settings back to where they should be, my preferred view. No amount of fully restarting my iPad or closing the Accordance app would provide me with the viewing options again. I even went so far as to clear out all of my recent history, updating settings at the global level, checked for any outstanding updates...even comparing it with one of my other iPads. Somehow, something caused the app to register devotional texts on my primary iPad as a General Tool instead of Devotional. It was the weirdest thing and I didn't notice this until I sat for another two hours comparing every single element of one iPad to the next. I finally noticed all of the devotionals lumped under the tools and displaying the tools icon instead of the devotional. (I attempted to insert icon pics for ease of reference and visual cue, but the forum indicates I am not allowed to use the image extension...) I finally went back out to the library area once more and selected the same book, which then somehow caused my devotional purchases to appear under the proper heading. This is still really odd because I had already completed this particular task at least two times. I am a happy reader again as of this hour - complete relief! As a side note, I am on version 2.5.5, build from April 2017.
  4. Some thoughts on the way the user interacts with different elements in Accordance: Zones Would love to see it possible to have the block that prevents different texts and analysis windows from different texts in the same zone - I'd like complete freedom as to where I put different tabs - regardless of what zone they should belong to. Tabs Would love to see tabs function more like Safari's tabs - using the scroll left to right rather than some tabs being hidden, adaptive size of tabs according to how many tabs are there Panes Parallel panes are great. Obviously. But I still think they could benefit from running the references in strict parallel - none of this change only when you get to the next verse. This way the user could see a true polyglot as if they had a spread sheet of the texts. Of course this could only really work when each verse is separated. But it would change the whole reading experience. Oh my! Who's with me...? Thanks!
  5. I'm trying to stack panes -- Bible versions on one side and a commentary on the other side (by itself) -- but have not had much luck. What am I doing wrong? I've tried dragging and dropping the panes and using the "Move Up" and "Move Down" options from the gear icon with no success. Help?
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