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#154 Stacks

Timothy Jenney

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The latest podcast is up and it covers Stacks!




It's Accordance 12's great new way to store all the results of our research: quickly, conveniently, and easily. What's more is that Stacks allows us to drag-and-drop items form one Stack to another—and into Paper, our new composition feature.



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Rewatched this podcast again today as I was working with Stacks as part of my sermon preparation workflow.


One issue I currently have with Stacks is that when I choose to copy to the clipboard verses added to the stack I loose all the fine 'Copy as' options such as 'No Superscript'. Now I know I can from the Stack just simply return to the source and recopy but then I lose my notes from the Stack.


In a way this kind of makes for me adding verses to a Stack redundant if I then want to do something with them afterward such as copy to my sermon notes


Am I missing something here or do others also run into this problem?

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I didn't realize that, Michael!


I suggest you submit that as a bug report. That's certainly not the behavior I expected.

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