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Found 12 results

  1. The option to save my Paper as a DocX file is missing. It only gives the options for PDF and JPEG. See attachments below. I recently did some uninstalling and reinstalling this week of Accordance as I was having Dropbox syncing issues. I found a solution for that, but I must have messed something else up in the meantime. Any suggestions on how to get that option back? Thank you!
  2. Hi So I had just finished my finishing touches on my sermon preparation this Saturday night. I had written down and arranged everything on the "Paper". Right when I was trying to synchronise that Paper to the iPad for preaching via dropbox, the strangest thing happened. My paper did not synocronize and I still had an old version of the paper on my iPad. I tried a few more times to hit syncronize via dropbox and it did not work. Then I tried sync with mobile device and the same thing happened (it did not sync to the current version of the paper I had on the mac). Accordance then crashed and after I restarted it, the Mac had lost the paper! It was not even there at all! I went into the accordance files and navigated to the paper. I opened it and it was the same old version that was on the iPad. All my edits for that evening were gone! I however, had the sermon pretty well assimilated and could re-work it again. My concern is what if this happened just before I got up to preach? It could have been worse. Is this something that anyone is aware of? Did I do something wrong?
  3. When I use a sermon created in “paper” and view iton my ipad, the verse references are hyperlinked, which is great, but, when I select the reference the pop up does not have verse numbers. Can this be changed? It would be nice if you had a range of verses in your sermonto be able pick a particular verse out of the paragraph.
  4. When I try to print to PDF from paper it is creating a file with 0KB and will not open in any PDF viewer. It was working alright the week before but not this time around. Not sure if its a bug since it worked before, but I'm at a loss. I can print to PaperPort Image, but the image is not nearly as clean as I would like it. Any help would be great. Even trying to load the error file as an example failed.
  5. Alex H.

    Word count in Paper

    To get an idea of word count in a Paper, I have to copy and paste to another app. It's really not that difficult, but including a word count would mean I don't have to leave Accordance. Really enjoying this feature, but the way. Thank you.
  6. I just upgraded to Accordance 12 today (thanks Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale!) and have a couple of questions regarding Paper Is it possible to create a bulleted list similar to the example below? This would be very easy in Word or Pages but in Paper I can't seem to figure it out if it's even possible - 1. My first main point A. My first sub point * My first sub-sub point * My second sub-sub point * My third sub-sub point Are scripture links created automatically or do I need to do something specific to enable that? How about non-scripture references like a link to an article in a dictionary? Thanks, -Paul
  7. Timothy Jenney

    #157 Paper

    The latest podcast is up! It actually posted last week, while all of us here in Florida were getting ready for hurricane Irma. The topic is Paper, the last of the Accordance 12's new features to receive a "little love" with a full-blown podcast. Paper is a composition tool within Accordance, designed to allow us to write using Accordance resources seamlessly. No more switching back and forth, back and forth, between Accordance and a word processor! Check it out! Here's the podcast: https://vimeo.com/232425335
  8. I'm currently using Accordance on Mac 11.2.5. Are there any feature enhancements to User Notes in the latest version of Accordance 12? I want to study a book and write down facts, what I learn, what questions I have, what something may mean to me, etc. In the past I've used User Notes to do this but it's been a bit cumbersome. Would stacks & papers of Accordance 12 be a better choice for what I want to do? Something else? Thanks, -Paul
  9. Timothy Jenney

    #154 Stacks

    The latest podcast is up and it covers Stacks! https://vimeo.com/214601722 It's Accordance 12's great new way to store all the results of our research: quickly, conveniently, and easily. What's more is that Stacks allows us to drag-and-drop items form one Stack to another—and into Paper, our new composition feature. Enjoy!
  10. I think we need some way to export a Paper out of Accordance into an editable document. Perhaps in RTF or even DOCX format. Working in papers is fine, though I hope to see some bugs and annoyances refined over time, but I feel like I can't justify doing real work in it unless I can be sure I can get my data out and rework/reformat it when needed. As is, even the PDF file that you can 'print' interprets some letter combinations as symbols rather than letters; so I can't even copy/paste out of the PDF into a Word document. Additionally, we need some keyboard shortcuts for navigating and creating outline items! That said, I am enjoying many of the new features of v12 and look forward to figuring out how to make the most of them. Thanks!
  11. Timothy Jenney

    #149) Accordance 12 Features

    Podcast 149 is a quick, concise look at Accordance 12's new features. Description: [Accordance 12: Basic] Accordance 12 is here! It includes five major new features and/or improvements: Stack, Paper, Improved Analytics, Research Analytics, and Info Pane. This initial release of the newest version of Accordance also includes eighteen other minor features and improvements. Join Dr. J as he reviews them all in this podcast. https://vimeo.com/194379376
  12. dandennison

    Papers and UI Discoverability

    Hello, Just started using Papers, now that I can find it. I ended up having to go to Accordance 12 Help, where it indicated that Papers can be made from the Toolbar or the File menu. I have no such File / New Paper or similar item. The toolbar has no such Papers button on it. What to do? I ended up customizing the toolbar to add the Papers drop-down button, which solved the mystery, at least partially. Questions remain: Why is File / New Paper or similar missing? Why does the default toolbar inside of Customize Toolbar... not have the Papers button? Why did I have to manually create the Papers button on my toolbar? Normally I wouldn't ask (2) and (3) separately, but I assumed for a while this was a migration issue from 11->12, as it was trying to preserve a possibly (but not) customized toolbar. <unrelated> While I'm here, my first impression of Papers is that it reminds me of Ecco's outline feature. </unrelated> Help?
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