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Copy as citation to also include the page or section


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When I "copy as citation" a section of a commentary into a word processor (Word, Google Docs), it does not include the section of the reference work 


For example Barnes' Commentary for Matthew 1:19 ("and her husband Joseph a just man") has the following Barnes's commentary


A just man. Justice consists in rendering to every man his own. Yet this is evidently not the character intended to be given here of Joseph. It means that he was kind, tender, merciful; so attached to Mary, that he was not willing that she should be exposed to public shame. He sought, therefore, secretly to dissolve the connexion, and to restore her to her friends without the punishment commonly inflicted on adultery. The word just has not unfrequently this meaning of mildness, or mercy.


Albert Barnes, Barnes’ Notes on the New Testament, Accordance electronic ed. (Altamonte Springs: OakTree Software, 2006), n.p.



The citation does not state that this section is from Matthew 1:19 in Barnes Notes. a person reading only the citation would have to search all of Barnes Notes to find the specific passage that was copied. 


Note: I use Mac OSX Yosemite, Accordance 11


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This is because there are no page numbers to cite and the citation style indicates to use 'n.p.' Also there is no easy way to find out what print edition our version corresponds to (as is the case for many public domain works) if we wanted to add pages. In the future I think we will support adding the location # similar to how Kindle for example adds the location. And, of course, you are free to include the portion of scripture that this corresponds to on your own.


Thanks for the feedback.

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