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In IVP Paul & letters I read:


"Paul uses the word ouranos twenty-one times, twelve of these in the singular and nine in the plural. It is frequently assumed that the plural uses reflect the Hebrew sÎaœmayim but…"


The transliteration sÎaœmayim looks very wrong.


But putting "sÎaœmayim" into Search All brings up


"The most common words for heaven in the OT are the Hebrew s¥aœmayˆîm or the…" in IVP Jesus & gospels.


[it doesn't actually look like that but it doesn't paste properly here].


I think the first reference must be coded wrong or should be in a different font?


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Yes this is a typo. It's one of the hardest things to correctly identify transliterated words in the etexts we receive. However, with Accordance 9.5.3 and up you can report a correction from the program by highlighting some text in the module with the error, and going to the Help or the right-click menu. This is the best way to get the corrections noted and filed where they will be acted on for the next release of the module.

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