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generating a list of verbs

Catherine Mc

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How can I generate a list of the Hebrew verbs in Jonah 1? I don't want the lexical forms - I need them just as they appear in the text.


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A search like this should do what you're looking for.


[Range Jonah 1] <AND> [VERB]


Here you are specifying the search for the Verb tag (without any additional qualifiers) and then the range of Jonah 1.


The key, however, is that you will need to specify that the Analysis Display should be Inflected instead of Lexical. You can do this by hitting command T and then setting the first column to Inflect instead of Lex.



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A little off topic, but here's a tip that I have found helpful. One may not be proficient in an original language (like me in Hebrew) but can nevertheless use its power by means of the Interlinear or the parallel pane. Use the suggestion as suggested by Mike above (with the range of whatever text one is studying), then using a tagged text with the Interlinear one can see the verbs in a specific text, and if one places a tagged text in a parallel pane then as you mouse over the highlighted verbs it will highlight them in your tagged text.

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Hi Mike,

that's an excellent explanation of how to do what Catherine has asked. I thought I would add some pictures, and a little extra step at the end...which is not needed, but may be useful for a beginning student.


So Mike's first step is this one, and you should get a result like this.


Then select analysis from the "graph-like" widget on the right


THis will give you an analysis of the lexemes of all the verbs in Jonah 1 - like this


If you select "Set Analysis Display" from the "Display menu" or press CMD-T


then as Mike says you should get this drop-down sheet.


click on the item in the first column that says LEX (arrowed) and press delete.

then drag the item on the left that says "INFLECTED" into that empty space in the first column


then when you press "OK" the analysis display should display just the inflected forms of the verbs in Jonah 1. Like this


Job done.


The extra step to say is, if you need to see a gloss meaning, you need to add the lex form back in to the analysis.

you do this by selecting "set Analysis Display" again using either of the two methods I outlined above, and then when the sheet drops down, drag the LEX item back into the column, but I would put it below the INFLECTED item that is there. It will just affect the order that the info is shown in the Analysis display


this will show you both pieces of information should you need it. I know you didn't ask for it...just in case.



Mike's answer was spot on, but sometimes the pictures help.


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