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Using Maps in Keynote

Jonna Schmidt

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hi, I am a total novice with regards to using a projector for teaching.


Some background: I started to teach my students (aged 8 to 10) about 9 months ago, and I have been doing "okay" with a projector which I purchased from 3-M which is a mobile projector (it can run off the batteries). We do NOT have WiFi, and the projector has been "okay" for my students in that:


I have been able to copy-paste from Accorandance in Keynote, and usually re-size the verses so that they can read off the projector. So far, so good.


Problem 1: our church has had recent guest speakers, and my projector (which is THE projector) does not project well for larger audiences (such as mentioned in this forum).


Problem 2: I was really inspired by Dr. Jay's most current podcast, and my sense is that: I have not been using Accordance to its fullest use. When I try to "copy-paste" MAPS from Accordance to Keynote: I can not get such fantastic graphics. I must confess that I have used Bibleworks for Macs to get SOME of my pictures. NOT MANY -- but some of my maps. SORRY! Please don't get mad -- I just want some help so that: in 2013: my presentations are comparable to Dr. Jay's presentation.


My question: is the problem that my projector can not get "better resolution"? I.e, I somehow need a "better" projector? NOTE: If someone has a good resource (in terms of a check-list) for the purchase of projectors for a small church -- I would be very appreciative.


Or, is the problem with my use of Accordance?


I have enclosed my file called, MAPS. You will see that some of my MAPS are "bigger font" than others. The "bigger font" maps are from Bibleworks for MAC -- but the "smaller font MAPS" are from Accordance.


I saw that Dr. Jay was able to "resize" things. I am terribly sorry, and if this is really basic, let me know. How did Dr. Jay re-size HIS maps? When I do a copy-paste, I can't get my maps to resize, so the said maps do NOT project with decent resolution.


Thank you in advance


Finally, I have tried to attach my files from Keynote and PDF -- and files are WELL UNDER 15 MB. Do I need to convert to Powerpoint for MAC? I feel badly that I can not even attach my files to the forum. Sorry



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I see that my MAPS sample did attach.


The FIRST map: (SLIDE #2) is from Accordance when I attempted a DROP_DRAG such as Dr Jay did. As you can see, it is crowded, and my

students could not read the slide. I was projecting from a distance of ABOUT FOUR FEET.


The remaining slides are from BIBLEWORKS FOR MAC -- which allowed me to increase the size so that my students could see the projection.


My purpose is just to get some suggestions, so that in 2013: I can do better with my resources.


HAPPY NEW YEAR. Jonna from Michigan

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Hi, Jonna. I'm sorry the maps are giving you a bit of trouble, but I hope to help a little bit.


First off, in your MAPS.pdf example, every slide seemed to be from Accordance except for #6 and #9, which I presume were from Bibleworks. Is this correct?


Second, there are a few things I encourage you to do to get better exports. The first is simply the size of your map. When you drag and drop the map into Keynote, it will export the exact image you are viewing. That is, if your map tab is small, the image will be small. If you make the zone or window much larger, it will export much larger. That will give you more detail, and should explain why your slide #2 is so small.


Third, there are many things you can do to customize your map to show exactly what you want. I see in some of your slides you changed the routes and regions a bit to show different information, which is great! But, you have even more. First, I recommend a less 'busy' background color from "Colors". Either try to use "Light Colors" or some of the others. My personal favorite is "Light Browns", but experiment and see what you like. Second, you can tweak all the details of the information you are viewing. If you want to scale up the size of the Region labels, you can adjust that in Set Map Display, found under the Display menu, or via Command-T. Change the popup menu to Region Names, and then you can adjust the scale. Similarly, you can tweak each Site's display by selecting Define Site Layers... under the site menu. Then, select which one you want to modify (like Major Biblical Sites) and you can adjust its scale.


Let me know how this goes, and if it helps!

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Thanks. Some of your ideas were really great. We are actually starting "through the Gospels in 2013" -- which might be a bit ambitious for my students. So, we will actually doing "the Christmas story" for the next two weeks. Between Dr. Jay's podcast, and your suggestions -- I think that my slides will be better in 2013.


Yes: a few of the samples were from Bibleworks for Mac. Their maps are not so "interactive" as Accordance, but they have this module called Moody Bible Atlas -- and that has some great pictures, especially when I was teaching them about the different Empires during the fall.


That is one of the reasons why I am excited to get "back on track" with Accordance maps. Accordance should help display some of the geography better. For example, back when I taught them about Abraham's journey from Ur to Canaan (going through Haran) which is NORTH __ Accordance did a wonderful job showing the RIVER -- and these ancient people needed to stay near water, rather than just trek across the desert directly from Ur.


I think that Accordance will help me show why in John 4, Jesus actually went into the mountains to see the Samaritan woman. It should give us some good information.



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