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Instant Details window of English word disappeared in commentaries and dictionaries on v1.6


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I recently updated Accordance for iOS to v1.6.


I like most of upgraded features.


But one important feature has gone.


Before v1.6, when I tap on an English word in dictionaries or commentaries,


I can see Instant Details window for quickly look for the word in my favorite English dictionaries, such as Webster's.


But after updating v1.6, Instant Details window has disappeared and only Actions buttons popped up.


This was very useful to me when I encountered the word I don't know in the dictionaries or commentaries,


I can see definition of it in the Instant Details window showing Webster's Dictionary's definition.


But I can see Instant Details window for English word is still working in English Text, such as WEB.


So I think restoring this feature for dictionaries and commentaries won't be difficult.


Please restore this feature in next update.


Thank you in advance.

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