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Number of Tabs increase after restart


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Dear all,


I've noticed some annoying though not devastating error since I updated to Version 10.

I have a saved Workspace with 7 Bibletext Tabs open. (see attached picture "Standardworkspace"). Accordance is one of the applications which are opened automatically, when my Mac starts. Now comes the amazing part: When I close Accordance without any changes regarding the number of tabs in the Bibletext space and restart my Mac (e.g. the next day), there are multiple further tabs of my standard bible (ELB) showing Gen 1:1 opened. I have never opened them - they are simply there. I close them all, but after restart they appear again! (see the second picture "additionaltabs.png"). In Preferences I made the choice to "Application start > with last session".

The error does not occur, if i just close Accordance and relaunch it. Only with booting the Mac.


Could any one tell me, how to get these additional tabs away?


Thank You!

Kind regards,



PS: I use the german surface - with "Workspace" I do not refer to the new "Spaces", but to the complete accordance window. I don't know the correct "Accordance terminus" ...



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