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Notes Bug?

Mark Nigro

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Not sure what happened this evening, but I was taking notes in John in my usual workspace and suddenly, after saving my changes, the notes pane switched to Revelation 10 rather than John 10. I could no longer get John notes to appear, even though my GNT with which the notes pane was synced, was in John 10. I tried clicking on the "Red Dot" note indicator, closing the notes, reopening etc. Kept giving me my notes on Revelation. When I got home I shut down Accordance, fired it up and all was happy in study land again. Screen shot attached showing my notes in Revelation 10 with GNT in John 10. Oh, and the workspace is a bit crammed in this picture because it had been running while connected to an external monitor, but here I was away from my desk with just my MBP 13.


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