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Either waking up at 2:30am is starting to catch up with me, or Accord 10.0.5s Search All behavior has changed, or this is a rather pesky bug.


Running Search All from the Tool Bar with the following parameters set: Scripture, [All Texts]. If I pass through an argument of say Gen 1:1, Accordance only returns BHS-W4, LXX1, PESHOT-T, NRSV, BHS-T, SAMAR-T, BHS, BHS-GBS, HMT-W4. This isn't what I would expect from a Search [All Texts].


Has a setting recently been changed? I would expect given the above listed parameters Accordance would return Genesis 1:1 in each "Text" which Genesis 1:1 is true to be found.



EDIT: Issue resolved. The problem was specific to my Accordance copy.

Edited by James Tucker
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