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help with a complicated search...

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I'm in a BHS-W4 workspace with BHS tagged pane and alongside an LXX-tagged pane and I've done a search on a particular Hebrew form in order to see how it is rendered in the LXX, resulting in some 230 hits. Is there a way to search through those LXX hits (in the parallel pane) for, In this case, a particular preposition?




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I'm no Hebrew/LXX expert at all, but I believe what you want to do can be done using the MT/LXX Parallel tool and the MERGE command. If you are doing any serious work with the LXX, I highly recommend the tool (though I believe you already have it!).


To set it up:


1) Run a search in your BHS for your desired hebrew word in a new tab (we'll call this tab 'BHS')

2) Run a search in your LXX for the desired preposition, or whatever LXX aspect you'd like to be in common. (we'll call this 'LXX').

3) Open a third tab with the MT-LXX Parallel and do a search string like this:

[MERGE BHS] [MERGE LXX] (you can create that string easily using the Shift-Command-M and Shift-Command-A commands for MERGE, and AND, respectively).

4) Be sure to set your search scope to Paragraph in the magnifying search options menu to the left of your entry box.


Search Setup (doesn't show step 4 under the magnifying glass):


But you see here I am combining bara in the MT with every time the LXX said it was first person aorist.


This should give you just the hits in the MT-LXX that contain both aspects of the BHS and LXX, which you can then work with to your desire, perhaps graphing it, linking back to a search text for analysis, etc. For how this search works, it uses 2 things together. The MERGE command brings in all of the hit words and verses from the source text. So, simply doing [MERGE BHS] will basically replicate the hits from your BHS tab in MT-LXX. Combining that with the [MERGE LXX] means I just want the hit verses that contain both a hit from the BHS tab and a hit from the LXX tab - not too useful just yet. The real key is in setting the scope to Paragraph. Since the MT-LXX lines up each word by paragraph, we can now see when the two searches overlap over the same word, not just the same verse, so we can get to the results desired.


Hope this helps!

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