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I was putting together a sermon today and was working on my outline which I had created as a "user tool". I had completed the vast majority of the outline and had some error messages regarding a Scripture reference (link) in my outline. I had hyphenated the reference ("-1 Corinthians 10:17") and the error stated that it could not find "Corinthians". I kept working on the outline but noticed that each time I saved the user tool that the "update" button DID NOT turn gray. I finished the outline and then closed the user tool edit window and noticed that the work I had done in the user tool edit was NOT reflected in the user tool in the tool window (or zone). I was able reopen the user tool edit window and my work was still there, therefore I was able to copy and paste the work already done into a Word document and then I shut down Accordance only to find out that the work I had just done was indeed gone when Accordance re-started (Glad I saved it in Word). I was able to copy and paste from the Word document and reclaim my work (copy and paste) but I went back and removed the hyphen from the Scripture reference (there was actually 4 references I did this way) and re-saved the user tool and everything worked fine. I know that this should NOT have happened so hopefully this can be replicated.

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