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Reproducable crash, gramm search in AF-T

Rod Decker

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Using 10.0.1 (and pressing an urgent deadline, so don't have time to update to 10.0.2 just now--my rural dsl is too slow to spare the time).


New search tab

set AF-t

open parallel AF-E pane

set search to words

enter search: [verb future participle fem]@ειμι




It's done it 3 or 4 times in a row--and I need that search tonight! :(

Hopefully you've already found it and fixed it in 10.0.2.


Other than that and learning the new interface (under time pressure!), I *like* v 10 interface thus far. Once you get the bugs worked out of this major release, it's going to be a major step forward.



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Rod, I have 10.0.2 and I ran your search. I didn't get a crash, but there are no hits for the criteria in AF-T. The only feminine future participle is one occurrence of hUFISTHMI.



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Thanks Steve. That's good enough to verify my data for tonight. Perhaps it's already been fixed in 10.0.2.

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