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Ken Simpson

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can someone point out what I am doing wrong?


I was looking through the scriptures for various passages on marriage. I went to Rev 19 and found just by a verse search and reading, that the word weeding occurs in Rev 19:9 (see image).




Then I thought, let's just check for the word wedding anywhere else in Revelation, so I opened a new tab with the ESVS, typed in "wedding" (no quotes) and executed the search.

Surprisingly I got the result "the word cannot be found" - but I had just seen it in 19:9



The range is set correctly






Worked it out - false alarm. My bad. As Helen pointed out below, and if I had checked properly I would have seen, and minutes after I posted I did see.



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Your display text in the first example is NIV. ESV has marriage supper not wedding supper.

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