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Hidden modules in the Library Window (Accordance 10.0.1)

Olivier Zalmanski

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Here's a little bug I think I've found:


step 1: I select the "Texts" filter in my Library Window




step 2: I hide the Library Window




step 3: I reopen my Library Window and see only 5 shown modules




step 4: I have to re-click on the "Texts" filter in order to see again my other modules






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I concur. Happens with me on Acc10.0.1 and ML10.8.1


Workaround: Just clicking the text filter button again after you show the library rectifies the issue.


needs looking at sometime

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Happens for me too. (Also Acc 10.0.1 & ML 10.8.1) I wonder if this is related to the behaviour where the list of Library modules is shortened and a 'More' button appears? I'd like to be able to get rid of that behaviour as I arrange my modules in appropriate folders and want to be able to see all the folders and modules I've left out of folders without constantly having to press the 'More' button.

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