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Search bar artefacts

Ken Simpson

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I just defined a new search range. (I defined Psalms)


When I verified and updated the define range and then close the dialog, the search bar in the area of the search range entry drop down. There are a number of display oddities there.


The search still works, but it just looks wrong, and after the search is executed, the artefacts are still there.



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I have had numerous instances of search bar graphical artifacts. I haven't yet identified a causal pattern to them. Sometimes they clear when I click anywhere on the screen. Sometimes I have to close the tab. Sometimes I have to restart Acc (but I think that's only happened once). The artifacts usually consist of what looks like pieces of input fields (white squares with partial edging) that pop up in random places around the top part of the workspace. Very odd. I'll try to take some notes the next few times I see it happen and try to get some screen shots if that would help.


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