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Verify (range) error

Ken Simpson

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if you open the define range dialog and select any range or add a new range. As long as the chapters you add (yeah I know they are psalms not chapters) are less than 1000, when you press verify it accepts the range.


So Ps 999 i accepted, but Psalm 1000 isn't.


Seems like an error in the range range :-)



It seems to be true of more than Psalms - so I entered Isa 69 and it accepted that too.


But the help says:


"Used to enter the book, chapter, and verse definitions for the search range,"


So it should error check for illogical ranges...acc 9 did, didn't it?

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This is intentional (but caused the reported Amos 9 error, now fixed). It's a shortcut to show that you want all remaining chapters in the book.

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OK - cool. Thanks for clarifying that Helen.

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