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Verse x of xxxx display quirk

Ken Simpson

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I did a search on Moses <AND> Aaron in ESVS - exact search

I get 299 hits in 140 verses.


All well so far.


If I scroll through the list until I get to Ex 6:20, the numbering is fine (see attachment)




but if you scroll back one (or more) verses, the number that counts the total verses moves back one spot but "leaves" the 0 there, so it goes from 9 out of 140, to 10 out of 140 and then when you move it back it goes to 9 out of 1400! (yes 1400).




Accordance 10.0.1, ML 10.8.1

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Hey, Ken - Did the same thing in the NAS95. There were 137 hits. When I scrolled backwards, it said 1377. Accordance seems to repeat the last digit. That's an odd one.

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Glad you could verify it Julie! Thanks

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