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Text and Tool getting out of sync

Ed Heckman

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I just encountered a new bug in version 9.6.6. When viewing a text and a tool in parallel, it is possible for the tool to display the wrong chapter relative to the text. Here is how to reproduce it.


1. Display a text. My default is NASB.


2. Do a verse search. I had searched for 2cor 7.


3. Add a parallel pane displaying a tool. I saw this occur with both ESV Study Bible and Holman Bible commentary. The correct parallel references will be displayed.


4. Change the displayed text in the search popup. I switched to ESV, which is the top text in my library. NASB is second.


When scrolling up and down in the text, the tool will now display the wrong chapter and/or verse. In the specific example I've given, the tool displays the entry for the next verse, but in chapter 8. (For example, if it should be showing the note for 7:5, it will show the note for 8:6.) Different combinations have displayed the wrong verse in the right chapter.


Changing the display text does not cause this problem, only changing the search text. Redoing the search after changing the search text puts the text and the tool back into synch.


I'm attaching a sequence of partial screen shots demonstrating the bug.


Hopefully there's an easy fix.






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