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Silent quit searching for lemmas

Ken Simpson

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I cam across this repeatable bug in my demo today


Open BHS-T or NAS27-T or GNT-T (any one is OK)


Select a largish (>20 words - I think it needs to include a verse reference somewhere in it) block of text.


right click - search for lemma


silent quit.


I know a search for lemma should only have 15 words or less (at least that was the dialog box I eventually got playing with it and that verse references shouldn't be included) but Accordance 9.6.4 shouldn't just silently quit.

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Confirmed this with the GNT-TR. I did extremely briefly see a dialog box before the app disappeared.


Here is the console entry:



8/6/12 10:48:45.303 PM com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[126]: ([0x0-0x2bd2bd].com.OakTree.Accordance[2465]) Exited with code: 217

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This appears to have been fixed in 9.6.6...

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