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Count of results seems incorrect for a search

Ken Simpson

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using Accordance 9.6.4 on ML


I did a search


(eimi, pareimi)@[VERB -(infinitive,indicative)] <WITHIN 1 Words> [FIELD begin]


with the range set for sentence


I get a single result showing John 20:19


but the status bar reports 2 results. (see screenshot)


Interestingly the hit count seems incorrect in the iOS app as well...I have reported it there as well



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And the answer is the same. Both sides of the are counted as hits including the field begin. Itr's not really a bug.

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Thanks Helen, Still it seems a little strange. I was asked today when you would ever want a count of the "FIELD" hits. I couldn't think of any of the top of my head. It seems to be only useful teamed with another criterion and so perhaps these hits should be excluded. It's a little counterintuitive to have 4 hits listed when there are only two highlighted words.


Anyway, thanks for the explanation.

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