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Easy Install window, sheet shadow visible in other apps' windows


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I think this bug is best explained with pictures. Here's a partial screen capture of my desktop as Easy Install downloads my newly purchased modules:




You'll see an empty Byword window behind the Easy Install window. Now look what happens when I bring Byword to the front:




You'll notice that a shadow is visible in the Byword window. In location, it perfectly matches the point whether the sheet showing download progress joins to the Easy Install window's title bar, i.e. the area in the red rectangle below:




If I drag the Byword window around, the shadow line remains in place. Strange, huh? I've checked with other applications and they all seem to be affected by the "phantom shadow": Finder windows, Mail, iCal… so it's not unique to Byword (I used that app for the picture because its windows are nice and empty, so the shadow is more visible).


And yes, I agree, it is a very trivial bug!

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