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Holman Dictionary 1.3 installation issue

Jonathan C. Borland

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Every time I download and install v. 1.3 of the Holman Dictionary (from current 1.2), Accordance 9.6 still says I have v. 1.2 and tries to download v. 1.3 again.

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Have you been able to install other updates in the past, or can you successfully install any other updates now? Have you tried restarting your computer also?

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Dear Joel,


I restarted the computer (iMac 2.5 GHz Core i5 with 8 GB memory running 10.7.4 and Accordance 9.6) but still the same situation. After downloading Holman Dictionary 1.3 update, I click the "Install" button and then the window appears that says "All module upgrades have been installed" (yet in the background there is another window that says "Installing..." and has a perpetual completed status bar in motion). When I press "OK" and get back to Accordance, I still have v. 1.3.


I've never had any problems in the past, and have installed other updates as recently as today.





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I'm experiencing the same download-install-OK (but not OK) scenario as Brother Jonathan with both the Holman Dictionary update (1.2 to 1.3) and the Outlines (1.8 to 1.9).


Hardware: MacBook Pro, 2.26 GHZ Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM

OS: Mac OS X 10.7.4

Accordance: 9.6.2


This is not a work-stopper by any means. So, please squash other bugs and continue perfecting the next release. You all are treasured as ministers of help. How very good of God to have gifted Christ's Church with skilled, cheerful, and long-suffering craftsmen such as yourselves. I will appreciate your help when you are able to do so. Thanks!


Update: A workaround has fixed the problem. I copied the updated Holman Dictionary (3 Nov 2010 update from the 7 Nov 2009 version) and the Outlines (16 Dec 2010 update from the 5 Nov 2010 version) that were in one of my manual backups of my user/Library/Application Support/Accordance/Modules/Tools folder.


Joyfully Magnifying God's Glory Through Jesus,



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