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Set table display question


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Is there a possibility to have a "Details / Table" format that would display only Chapters that have a hit, but ordered according to Reference?


For instance: I do a word search in Psalms, to see in which Ps does this word show up. Then I would like to have listed:

- The Psalms with a hit, in Reference order

- The Total hits per Psalm


If I set Table display to sort by References, I get the references ordered, but also the Psalms where the word does Not appear (with a '0' in Total hits), which is not useful. If I set it to sort by Total Hits, I get only the references with hits, but ordered according to the total.

Is there a way to get both things?


And a possible feature request, to make this "Details" instruments yet more useful: the possibility of defining sort of sub-sets of ranges. For instance: it is common that when you do a word search you want to distinguish how many times it appears in Pentateuch, Prophets, Wisdom, etc., or in my field, in book I of the Psalter (Ps 1-41), in book II, etc. If it were possible to define a set of ranges for this Table display, or even for Graph, that would be wonderful!! It would give something like this:


Psalm - Total Hits - Hits per 1000 words



Book I (Ps 1-41)

Ps 34 - 1 - 4.00


Book II (Ps 42-72)

Ps 69 - 1 - 2.16


Book III (Ps 73-89)

Ps 79 - 2 - 9.85

Ps 89 - 1 - 1.66


etc... (well, you would do it much better, of course).

Thank you

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I don't see us doing any of this in the near future, but a new feature of version 7, the Table Bar Chart, will let you display the Table results graphically.

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Well, that sounds interesting.


What about leaving aside the References with no ('0') hits but maintaining Reference order (at least as an option)?


Thank you

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