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The NIV Thematic Reference Bible

Tommy Barnabas Dahl

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Hi I just bought Accordance, an so far I like it :D


I have a question about, the Zondervan Personal Growth Bible Study Suite.

and it is simple, is it any good :) well to be more specific, the module: Thematic Reference Bible. I have read it may be Calvinistic, not that I have anything against Calvinist, but I prefer neutral sources.


Is he Thompson Chain Reference Bible, better?




Tommy Barnabas.

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The NIV Thematic Study Bible is essentially just a topical approach to the Bible. Each verse lists certain topics which that verse addresses, with links to an index where those topics are discussed. In most topics, there is nothing I can see which might be considered Calvinistic. However, topics such as "predestination," "election," etc. do appear to be approached from a Calvinistic perspective. For example, here is a little of the article on election:


6639-election, to salvation

God chooses to bring individuals to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.



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