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BDAG links on agapao


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It appears to me that the Instant Details references are wrong at one place in the BDAG article on agapao, right before meaning group 3.


"But since the noun ἀγάπη is used absolutely in 6:2 in the sense ‘concern for’ someone, it may be that ἀγαπᾶν in 7:1 refers to acts of kindness.

3. to practice/express love, prove one’s love "


The references to 6:2 and 7:1 bring up passages in Ephesians, but I think they should bring up passages in Ignatius; i.e.,



ISm = Ignatius to the Smyrnaeans, I–II AD—list 1


Of course there are not 7 chapters in Ephesians; so 7:1 cannot refer to Ephesians.

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Thanks you. Please note that you can now (9.5.3) simply select text with an error to report and send it directly to us via the Help menu or the right-click menu in Accordance.

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