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jumpy mouse problem with emulator


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Has anyone had a problem with the mouse pointer sticking in Vista? I have tried both a MIcrosoft and Mac mouse and the mouse pointer still sticks and then jerks rather than moves smoothly across the screen. It is very frustrating trying to use the PC emulator with Accordance with this problem. The mouse works fine on the PC side.

Thanks for any insights anyone may have.


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Thank you for responding. Mouse settings in the BGui are Send control and click to MacOS, checked sticky menus, and more complete ABD mouse emulation. Control Panel of PC will not let me adjust mouse settings there without deleting Synaptics mouse driver which I am afraid to do. Maybe Vista is the problem. The reason I am trying to get this worked out is that it will determine what computer I need to buy for home-PC (much cheaper) or a Mac.

Thanks again.


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