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I am very new to Accordance and am need of some help in forming a search. What I want to do is search for clauses in the GNT-T module that do not have a verb. How would I do this?


Also is there an official definition of a clause as far as the GNT-T module is concerned, if not how could I get one, or who made the clause divisions?


So far I have tried * <NOT> [VERB]

But the results were not quite what I expected.


thanks for any help someone might offer.

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See Page Appendix C-6 of the User's Guide for the definitions of Clause in the different texts.


Your search looks good to me. The Analysis shows no verbs in the hits. When you have Clause as the field you will get some verses with no hits, as Accordance displays the entire sentence.


If you have questions about specific clauses, you can post them here. If you set the Greek & Hebrew export preference in Accordance to Unicode you will be able to paste the Greek here.

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