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Can't Always Choose User Notes File

Lorinda H. M. Hoover

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In my User Notes Tabs preferences I have left "Reopen the last Notes file selected in dialog" unchecked so that Accordance always asks me which notes file I want to use when I press command-U in a verse.


If Accordance has been open for a long time, however, Accordance sometimes forgets to ask me which file to open. I have to restart Accordance to get that dialog to pop up again.


I presume this is a bug? I'm not quite sure how to get a reproducible test case, though, since it is an intermittent issue.



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Hi Lorinda,


I have the same preference settings as you for user notes and [i think!] it does not provide a selection list if I already have a user note open - it uses the open note as the selection but moves to the relevant verse. [i have not confirmed this as I am away from home today and tomorrow and do not have my personal laptop with me.]. I'm pretty sure that if I close the note the selection list works again.


Is it possible that the same thing is happening in your case?





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