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Accordance Gallery of Bible Art

Helen Brown

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  • 1 year later...

This is not a thorough review. What I write below are just some impressions.


I have bought this module for some time and I found that many of the art pieces come from Gustave Dore.

Besides, some long biblical books (e.g. Job, Ezekiel) have only two or three pieces of art pieces, which are quite disappointing.

I had once an opportunity to use the Index of Christian Arts from Princeton University to do my research on Elihu. There are certainly a lot more Christian art pieces for the book of Job than in the current module of Gallery of Bible Art.


I can imagine that it is impossible to include all kinds of art pieces in the database. But maybe you could gradually expand the collection that includes some other forms of arts, e.g. sculpture, illustrations in catena, etc.

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