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New Help Uploaded: Your Feedback Appreciated


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Hi Everyone,


As Helen mentioned, the newly designed and updated Help for Accordance Bible Software is going to be incorporated in Version 9.3. For now, you can view the beta version of the Help. This is your chance to let us know how you like it, and if you find any issues that need to be handled.


Help for Accordance on Mac OS X


Help for Accordance on 68K and the PC with Emulator


The content is close to completed. I am still working on the following items:

Related Links at the bottom of topics

Topics in the Atlas and Timeline (polish the content and format)


What can you do to help?


- Let us know if you catch any typos.

- Let us know about illogical links.

- Let us know about confusing or incorrect instructions.

- Let us know if the index covers your needs. Would you add any words? If so, which ones?

- Was there content in the 68K/Emulator Help that should be only in the OSX Help and vice versa?

- And, if you do like it, we'd like to know that too...


Thanks in advance for your help.


Deborah Hemstreet


One person does make a difference!

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