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Crash in Dictionary Search

Mark Nigro

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This is a strange one. Searching for Ephesians in ISBE (Accordance 9.1.1) gives me the main article as expected. Selecting additional search criteria under "options: English Content" gives me Greek font in the entry field. Selecting "Greek Content" gives me Hebrew and so on. Searching for "Entry" crashes Accordance completely and immediately. Switching back to Holman's dictionary or Easton's and searching there also creates the same problem in the drop-downs and crashes. HOWEVER, this is limited to a specific workspace. Under the suspicion that this might be the case, I tried opening a different workspace and repeated the searches. This time there were no problems in that different workspace. I wonder if there is corruption in that problematic workspace, or a certain combination of modules running together there has made it unstable? Closing and reopening it doesn't help as I can still reproduce the buggy drop-down menus in the search criteria and cause the crash. Other aspects of the workspace seem to function without trouble...

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