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Accordance Crash Updating User Tool

Steve King

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I've noticed a number of times when editing a user tool and then trying to update it an error has been highlighted with a dialog box and then when I've clicked 'OK' Accordance has crashed.


One of these is when I have tried to create a link to an external file when the link is over 127 chars long. (if it is over 255 characters it will not let you create the link in the first place).


The other is when you have a whole heading which is also a link (e.g. if you have "Mark 8:1" as a heading on an imported file it will automatically create it as a link as well as a heading).


If you have one of these in the segment you are editing and then try and update the User Tool it is then that you get the issue.


I am running Accordance 9.1.1 on a Macbook running OS X 10.6.5





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I've been having ane issue in User Tools, also. I have been trying to import a HTML file without success, Accordance always crashes. Perhaps, these issues are related?

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