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REB Verse Picking Issue -John 8

Lorinda H. M. Hoover

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This morning I was trying to look up John 8:12-19 in the REB on my iPod Touch. To my surprise, only John 8:1-11 are available to choose in the REB. When I chose John 8:11, the following verse was Acts 1:1.


Further investigation on my Mac version explained part of this. The REB displays John 7:52-8:11 as an appendix at the very end of John.


On the Mac, however, I can enter "John 8:13" in the search entry box and get there, and I can use the Go To box to get to any verse in John 8. Not so on the iOS.


But as of yet, I can find no direct way to go to John 8:12-19 on the iOS. (Choosing John 7:52 does get you there, but you have to know ahead of time that the REB skips John 7:53-8:11)


I know you've got lots of things to improve/bugs to squash on the first release of the iOS app, so I realize this will take some time to get to, but I wanted to alert you.


Thanks for all the hard work on the iOS app. I'm really looking foward to using it.

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