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Highlighting the References

Helen Brown

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This question from a user prompted me to post an expanded version of my reply to him:

The only thing I wish the program did (no exaggeration-it's the only thing I can think of) is have something in the lexicon modules that allowed me to go straight to that occurrence of the word. For instance, if I'm looking up the use of meno in John 15, it takes a while to locate "J 15:5" in the BDAG article. Something that would highlight "J 15:5" so I can go straight to it would be fantastic, especially for words with hundreds of occurrences.


This is a relatively new feature of Accordance, and will actually work in any tool with Scripture references:

  • In BDAG open More Options, and set the Extra Fields to 1.
  • Make the pop-up menu for that field Scripture with Jn 15 in the entry box (or whatever you are studying).
  • Click OK to see the references highlighted with the search argument.
  • Leave that window open. Now each time you amplify it will also highlight these references.

I hope this helps other users.

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