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How do I find verses with specific repeated punctuation

John Liebenrood

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Search query synax question.


I want to find all bible verses that contain 4 commas What does

the search command look like? KJV text


This attempt didn't work


=,[COUNT 4]

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Sorry, punctuation searching is not available yet in Accordance. It will be available in version 7 later this year.


However, your search syntax is not correct in any case. The [COUNT=4] command looks for words that occur exactly 4 times in the entire search range, so for example a*@[COUNT 4] finds all words beginning with a that occur exactly 4 times in the range.


You do need the @ sign to link the two criteria that you want to apply to the same word (a* [COUNT 4] would find any word beginning with a that is followed by a word that occurs 4 times in the range).


The equal sign is used to specify punctuation within a word, i.e. to distinguish princes from prince's, but it cannot search for punctuation alone.


To find verses in which a word occurs 4 times it is best to use the Construct window. The Search window gives anomalous results when you use search with the same word entry more than twice. In the Construct simply define the repeated word you want in the first column, then option drag it into the following columns as often as you need. Then add a WITHIN connecting command with enough words to cover the verse, say 100, between the first word and the last word. This construct finds all verses with 4 (or more) occurrences of and:



I tried this for commas using the new code for punctuation instead of and, and it worked. I found 12,766 verses in the entire KJV. You can email me if you want me to send you the verse list. Sorry, but you will have to wait for the new version of Accordance to do that particular search yourself. And, no, I do not want to be inundated for requests for punctuation searches in the interim, please! ;)

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