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Widget and SBL Handbook of Styles

Ken Han

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I think the Accordance Widget is a great tool. Especially its auto-insert and copy as citation feature are big time-savers. So my thanks to the Accordance team!


Yet if I may, I'd like to ask if the following would be possible or feasible.

When the Widget auto-inserts text, I'd love it if it conformed to the SBL Handbook of Styles guidelines. For example, SBLHS 8.3 says the abbreviations of Biblical books in citation need no period after it (e.g. Matt 12:3 not Matt. 12:3). Also, (this is from a different place in SBLHS that I can't recall) no comma is needed between the text reference and the translation name (e.g. Matt 12:3 ESV not Matt. 12:3, ESV as the widget formats it).


Sure, it's not a huge deal to manually erase the period and the comma, but it gets old after a few instances. I think conformity to SBL standard would probably benefit a few people on this board, too.



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